Peace and Joy to all

Peace and Joy to all of you near and afar, to all our Church Faithful, to all who have the opportunity to hear about the Birth of the Newborn Savior, the Messiah, the King of Kings, the Lord and God, the Prince of Peace!

Dear brothers in the Episcopate, priests, deacons, and all my beloved brothers and sisters!

This, the Holiest Night of Nights, and the revelation of God's so carefully crafted plan of Salvation History that the Son of God shall appear to the world.
His coming was not the glamor that one finds in the palaces, his birth was not even in a home, it was in deep poverty of a manger.
God showed the world that he is coming into HIS own poor and yet free from all the obsession of a world that is engulfed in so many self-fulfilling prophecies with so much destruction through wars and social injustices.
The world is looking for peace, and yet it is still into so much corruption, exploitation of the innocent, the destruction of nature.

Today, again the world is called to look toward the Star of Bethlehem, the Star that introduced the Prince of Peace.
The Peace that Christ is, is the antithesis of what the powers in this world try to establish, by means of a man made new world order,
and the arms race that goes with it, even to the extend of a new nuclear threat.
The world has not learned from the Word Incarnate as nations still fighting wars, and we see the terrible bloodshed
every day on our Television, the slaughter of the innocent.
And yet Scripture reminds us, the birth of an innocent child brought the killing of the innocent children in Bethlehem and beyond,
because of a worldly mind that King Herod had.

And yet in all of this, the people in darkness see a new light. May we see the light of the Newborn King, the child that is our Savior.

The Peace announced by the Angels in Bethlehem find its fulfillment in the Peace that the resurrection of Christ brings.
The newborn child has already the sign that will be the downfall of many, and yet it is destined in God's eternal providence
to become the Savior of all.

O Birth and death, you have become so close in this child! Oh Wonder of this Holy Night that we might find a new purpose to our lives quest. O Will of the Father that was fulfilled in the Son. O Mystery of his suffering and death that brought Salvation to us.

May we all praise God for the prophets that have foretold us. Amen, we have seen the light, shining among us.
May we be forever be grateful for such great and unspeakable Love that comes from God and that surpasses all the world can offer, all that we need, all that is yet given to us in HIS everlasting covenant.

I want to thank all our wonderful missionaries around the world for your hard work in God's vineyard, for your commitment of a worldwide loving Church family, from our newest members in South Africa!, to all the Five Continents where our people live following Christ, the Light of the World!

Wishing you all and your loved ones a very blessed and joyous celebration of HIS birth into humanity, and may we all be awake in HIS Second coming in Glory!

With my prayers and benedictions in this Holy Night